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Lautrec Medieval Village

Lautrec Medieval Village is officially recognised as one of the prettiest or most beautiful villages in France and you can find it in the Tarn department of the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées region of the South West. In other words about 50 minutes from Le Moulin  by car.

Lautrec, Tarn

17th Century Windmill, Lautrec

Lautrec, Tarn

It has to be said it is not a massive village and it doesn't really take very long to explore. But it is definitely worth a visit and if you do decide to head up that way you could combine your visit with a trip into the equally beautiful city of Albi which sits astride the Tarn river. It is the Tarn River that gives the region its name. 

Also worth considering is a look at the lovely riverside town of Gaillac another gorgeous location in the Tarn region. So depending on how much time you have you could make it a day out for all three or a pair with one or the other. 

The Medieval Village of Lautrec, Tarn

Lautrec, a most beautiful village of France

Back to Lautrec then and what it offers... the first place we headed for was the view point above the village where on route you will find a 17th century windmill. The site for the mill is actually from the 14th century but the original mill was replaced by the current 17th century version which is open to the public. Meaning you can view the inside workings for a modest fee during the holiday season. 

Go a little higher up the spiral slope and you will find a 'Table d'Orientation' and some amazing views across the tarn countryside in all directions. Plus a collection of statues, the largest of which is Jesus on the cross.

Lautrec, Tarn

Lautrec, Tarn

Lautrec, Tarn

On the way back down you can head into the village for a look at some of the many half-timbered houses that give the village so much of its character which, combined with the little narrow, cobbled streets and ancient architecture, have ensured that it has been recognised for it's beauty.

Lautrec, Tarn

Well kids still need to find something to do, even in one of the most beautiful villages in France. The ones below were having a good old fashioned kick about. 

Lautrec, Tarn

I quite liked this old Dubonnet advert as well, I am guessing it is not medieval, but still represents a little bit of French history in a way!

Lautrec in the Tarn

13th Century Porte de la Caussade 

Below you can see the timber walkway over the last of the doorways into the village, this one is called the Porte de la Caussade and originally would have been one of eight 13th century doorways.

Lautrec, Tarn

I am not sure who this little statue represents, but I liked the look of it strolling across the top of the original fortified walls as we headed towards the Porte de la Caussade .

Lautrec, fortified medieval village of the Tarn.

Couldn't help noticing that the Porte de la Caussade wasn't very well guarded, I found these 'Anglais' loitering just inside the walls sussing the place out. Although I imagine that now we are in the 21st century they will represent a tiny proportion of the English who have managed to breach the fortified defenses and all under the guise of tourism.


So one last look back as we head off to find another destination to visit in the beautiful department of Tarn. Not a bad way to spend a few hours in April even if it did get a little overcast now and then.

Porte de la Caussade


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