Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lac de St Ferreol - A Little Bit of Local Action

We decided to have a quick trip out to the Lac de St Ferreol and check out the AquaZone facility that has been set up there this year. It is a lot like the one they have at the Lac de la Cavayere near Carcassonne but for us is much closer with St Ferreol only being about 15 to 20 minutes away.

Seemed to me that it was pretty popular and was being enjoyed by both children and adults. 

Judging by the queues waiting to go on, there is a good chance that it will become a regular feature each summer adding to the many facilities already on offer at the lake.

The prices didn't look too bad either, ranging from 7 euros for an hour, 11 euros for two hours, 16 euros for for four hours and 20 euros for unlimited enjoyment.

Not bad with a life jacket thrown in and lots of different inflatables available to challenge everyone. Who knows, it could be the start of a local 'Wipeout' program?

Of course there is not just the new AquaZone at St Ferreol, you can also hire pedalos, go windsurfing, hire paddle boards and canoes. The lake is also surrounded by lots of cafes, restaurants and little shops. 

Just down the hill towards Labecede and Castelnaudary  you can find the museum of the Canal Du Midi and a lovely picnic area next to the cascades and the big fountain below the museum buildings. In fact there are picnic tables dotted all around the lake, perfect for lunch after the Saturday morning food market at Revel perhaps. 

The cascades are where the feed to the Canal Du Midi start, so you can imagine with 67 hectares of lake sitting right behind them, the cascades can be pretty impressive at certain times of the year.

So as you can see, even before the new AquaZone the lake at St Ferreol was well worth a visit and now there is even more to enjoy and I haven't even spoken about just how beautiful it is up there simply walking around the perimeter of the lake, which takes about an hour, or visiting the arboretum to search for the ancient oak trees that reside there. All with the lake as a backdrop.

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