Saturday, 6 September 2014

Le Moulin De l'Argentouire - French Holidays Aude

As time goes by things get a little updated, made a little better and people point out one or two areas where improvements can be made. So I thought it was high time that our video on YouTube got a bit of an update as well. Especially as so many guests recently have told us how much nicer the place is than they thought it would be. In a way that can be good, as it is always nice to be pleasantly surprised.

That said, it is still a good idea to present our holiday apartment in Languedoc Roussillon in the best possible light. So on that basis I would like to share with you our very latest video.Hopefully you will like this new version..... especially the new musical overlay.

Please 'like it' on YouTube and share it with friends so that they too can discover our little gem of a gite in the French countryside. Rather annoyingly there was an error on my first version of the video (my mistake) so I have now published this latest and error free version. I really should pay more attention to my spelling on videos as once published they can't be corrected ;-)

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