Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Waiting for the Fireworks at the Grand Bassin, Castelnaudary

The light was fading fast and everyone was getting ready for the fireworks to start from a boat in the 'Grand Bassin' of Castelnaudary. Depending on the weather, which let's face it is usually pretty good in the summer, the 13th July and the day before Bastille day is when Castelnaudary has its own fireworks display on the biggest piece of open water on the Canal Du Midi. Somehow the affect achieved by exploding fireworks over 7 hectares of water is pretty spectacular.

Of course this may still be a strategic move, because Carcassonne only 35 minutes away has one of the most amazing firework displays in France that takes place on the 14th July, which actually is Bastille day. So it would be pretty hard to compete with that one. 

But then there is no need, because having two great firework displays one night after the other means all of us expats and French locals can have the best of both worlds or be spoilt for choice if we only want to attend one firework party.

So why am I talking about firework displays that take place in July now. Well to be honest it is because this last day or so I have been writing about Castelnaudary in general as a guest writer for ww.answers.com and of course because the holiday season is rapidly approaching with our first guests due in only a few short weeks. They are going to spend a week with us before getting on a boat to tour the Canal Du Midi so this article about the Capital of the Lauragais might just be of interest.

So it's time to get in the holiday mood, which will be even easier as we have family arriving this week to test out the facilities once again and to tour the area to see a few points of interest and perhaps do a bit of sledging in the Pyrenees before the snow disappears. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy the answers.com articles, it does feel like I am being a little unfaithful to my very own blog, but at least I am still writing about the beautiful South of France. 

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