Sunday, 19 January 2014

Where to Go and What to See in Languedoc Rousillon

It is now approaching six years since we moved to Le Moulin de l'Argentouire in the South of France and during our time here we have been lucky enough to get out and about to some fabulous places throughout Languedoc Roussillon. We have also been recommended many gorgeous places to visit some of which we still have on our 'todo' list rather than our 'been there and done it' list. But I think it is fair to say the 'todo' list is now becoming the much shorter of the two.

So we thought it was high time that we started to share some of these fabulous places with everyone to give you an opportunity to discover exactly what is in store for anyone visiting this beautiful region of France. The map above gives you an idea but if you want the fully interactive version that allows you to view the list and click on them individually, then you can use this link to a layered Google map:- Places of Interest in Languedoc Roussillon

The layers you will find there are:
  • UNESCO World heritage sites in Languedoc Roussillon
  • Cities of Languedoc Roussillon
  • Must see places in Languedoc Roussillon

Just to wet your appetite, here are a few of the favourite places that we have already visited:

Lac de Cavayere

Canal Du Midi
Pont Du Gard
Collossium Nimes
La Cite, Carcassonne
Millau Viaduct



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