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The Best Attractions in Toulouse

It's always nice to have a guest writer post on your blog, esepcially when you think the information is going to be useful for your visitors and you don't really have to do any of the work. Other than getting it posted that is. This is an offering from Catherine Johnson who is informing you about some of the best attractions Toulouse has to offer.

Located in the South of France in the Midi-Pyrenees region is one of the most stylish cities in the whole of France, Toulouse. It is the fourth largest city in France and is one of the economic powerhouses of the country which is primarily due to Airbus which is the largest employer in Toulouse. While the city is benefiting from this economic uplift the aesthetics and soul of the city have remained unchanged, the world famous French style and culture are still deeply entrenched throughout the charming labyrinths of Toulouse. In France Toulouse is known as the "Pink City" because many of its historical constructions were built using pink brick which can be found in the area.

Toulouse is a city steeped in history with lots of fun things to do, whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or on a family holiday in France you will find something to suit all demographics. Below is a list of the most popular attractions and things to do in Toulouse, depending on your length of stay you may not be able to do them all:

Le Capitole. 
In its previous life this building was the Town Hall and was built over 250 years ago. This is popular tourist spot and guided tours of the Le Capitole run throughout most of the day. Not only will you get the chance see the most amazing ceiling paintings but outdoors in the square you can sample local food such as Cassoulet, a haricot bean dish that originated from the capital of the Lauragais, Castelnaudary which is some 40 miles south of Toulouse when heading for the Mediterranean.

St. Sernin-Basilica
This isn't just another old boring church. St. Sernin-Basillica is a renovated Roman church, with its own organs and unique French charm which must be witnessed to be believed.

City of Space
Toulouse isn't just full of old buildings, oh no. The City of Space is modern place of worship for all things space related that includes rockets, satellites and even the weather. The coolest thing about this place is the life size space rocket which stands proudly in the gardens, we have lift off!

Chateau Bellevue
While France is renowned for having some of the best castles in the world, Chateau Bellvue certainly holds its own amongst them, you will not find a better preserved Chateau in Toulouse. While the building is no longer used as a school, the gardens can still visited and are the worth the trip alone.

Musee de l'Histoire de la Medicine
Something a little lighter hearted albeit gruesome is the Museum of the History of Medicine. One of the great things about the museum if you're on tight schedule is that it won't take up your whole day. With exhibitions from renowned doctors, graphic medical books, odd looking jars and historical medical instruments this museum will certainly leave its mark on you. You'll be glad that you weren't around in those days.


  1. Toulouse is such a wonderful city. There's so much to see and do - plus I've found it has some of the country's best restaurants. As you say, a trip to Le Capitole is essential for holidaymakers visiting the city.

    Best wishes, Alex

    1. Thanks Alex, we certainly enjoy our days out there. And if you are an early riser you can visit the Victor Hugo market in the morning, which is amazing, then have a nice lunch before going sightseeing.


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