Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New Rabies Regulations for Pet Travel to the UK from 1st January 2012

The basic requirements for rabies regulations in the UK from the 1st January 2012:

  • the animal must be electronically chipped before being vaccinated
  • the animal needs a properly completed and verified rabies passport to travel
  • the animal no longer needs to be treated against ticks.
  • dogs still need tapeworm treatment. The treatment must be administered by a vet no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours before its scheduled arrival time in the UK.
  • the blood test for cats and dogs is no longer required but the vaccination against rabies must have been administered at least 21 days before travelling back to the UK

What to check is present in the pet passport before travelling:

  • date of birth/age of the animal
  • the microchip number, date of insertion and its location in the animal
  • the date of vaccination
  • the vaccine manufacturer, product name and batch number
  • the date by which the booster vaccination must be given (i.e. the “Valid until” date). This date is calculated by reference to the validity period of the vaccine given in the vaccine manufacturer’s data sheet.
  • the entry for tapeworm treatment has now been detailed as above, so ensure the vet signs and dates the relevant page with the time of administration.
  • These rules only apply for certain European countries, so for the official government advice on the Pet Travel Scheme use the link below and ensure you have the very latest information available and understand the difference between an EU country and a non EU country.
Remember as the owner of the pet you are responsible for ensuring that you have all the necessary requirements in place with supporting documentation available. If you are unsure, then visit the official DEFRA site for full details.

See the DEFRA Pet Travel Scheme for full and complete details.

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