Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Weather in an Autumn France

I am sure that I am not the first to blog about this amazing weather we have been having here in the South of France. September kicked it all off as I mentioned in my last post, but it has just kept going and going. Daytimes are typically between 26C to 28C and once the sun has gone down temperatures have been dropping to around 14C to 16C. You can see from the chart below that even for the South of France that is about 6 or 7 degrees above the average for the year in October.

Annual Average Climate Chart for the South of France
Region Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Languedoc- Rousillon 12(54) 12(52) 13(55) 18(64) 20(68) 27(80)
Aquitaine 10(50) 9(49) 12(54) 20(67) 18(64) 24(75)
Limousin 6(43) 6(43) 10(49) 16(61) 15(59) 22(72)
Midi-Pyrenees 10(50) 9(48) 12(54) 18(65) 19(66) 26(80)
Provence 12(54) 12(53) 14(58) 19(65) 21(69) 27(80)
Cote d'Azur 12(54) 12(53) 14(58) 19(65) 21(70) 27(80)
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Languedoc- Rousillon 28(83) 28(83) 26(79) 21(70) 16(60) 14(56)
Aquitaine 27(81) 26(78) 24(76) 20(67) 15(49) 11(52)
Limousin 25(77) 24(75) 21(70) 16(61) 13(55) 9(47)
Midi-Pyrenees 28(82) 27(81) 25(78) 19(67) 16(60) 10(50)
Provence 28(83) 28(83) 25(77) 22(72) 17(62) 14(57)
Cote d'Azur 28(83) 28(83) 25(77) 22(72) 17(62) 14(57)
Average Air Temp °C(°F) by month
It's a bit of a shame for the fish in our little stream because it has all but dried up along most of its length anywhere near where we are. There is still a bit of a trickle about 1/2 mile up the hill towards Labecede, but certainly from Le Moulin down the valley it is more of a sandy path. I suspect the fishermen will be having lean pickings next year if they turn up with their rods as usual.

Still one man's poison is another man's meat, and we did have some lucky holiday makers during September who absolutely made the most of the weather. To be honest, we can't remember a bad September since we moved here or October for that matter, but perhaps not quite as good as this year.

Autumn is moving in steadily however and you can see from the changing colours of the leaves on the trees that the winter months are approaching as we go through the Autumn.

Nature has been fooled to an extent though, for example many of the spilled sunflower seeds from the harvest have started to sprout into new plants, and flowers are budding in the garden that would normally lie dormant at this time of year until the coming spring.

Not that this is going to get them anywhere because that cooler climate will come eventually and long before the plants can go their full cycle. We are not complaining however, its quite nice to have a mix of our favourite seasons, Spring and Autumn, both happening at the same time. Bit of a photographers dream really, it always surprises me that we aren't inundated with eager photographers that would like to take up the photography courses on offer in the Autumn. There is after all probably more colour and changing skies at this time of the year than any other.

Anyway, that's enough from me. I just thought I would let you know that it's not just the UK that has been having a glorious Indian Summer in the Autumn time.


  1. I love Autumn, the colours are magnificent. I think it is the most colorful season of the year and if it is warm -like it has been so far- all the better for a sun worshipper like me.

  2. Hi Princessa, many thanks for the comment. Yes it really has been warm and although we have now closed the pool you could get the sun all day there right up to around 6.30p.m. even at this time of year. Nice to hear from you.


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