Friday, 11 March 2011

Skiing in Font Romeu France

We recently took a little time out to go skiing in Font Romeu, reported to be one, if not the sunniest ski resort in France.

We were a little bit worried because we had pre-booked the hotel and committed ourselves to this break in Font Romeu knowing that the Pyrenees had not exactly been inundated with snow. Now I know you can always go walking or do a bit of sightseeing but once you have set your mind on skiing that is exactly what you want to do. That said, the snow report for Font Romeu was saying 100% open which was better than most of the resorts in the Pyrenees that week.

When we arrived it looked a little bit like there wasn't any snow around, certainly not in the town anyway. But then we did eventually find our way up to the first ski station and hey presto everyone was skiing and the car park was very full. So things were looking quite optimistic.

Only problem was we didn't realise that for ski hire we needed to go back to town, so by the time we did that and found all the facilities it was a bit late to get any skiing in that day. Probably a blessing in disguise really with hindsight and the loss of feeling in our legs by the end of day 3 of actual skiing.

Anyway we decided to explore the town, check out the best ski hire deals and find our hotel so we could chill out and get ready for a nice meal out in the evening. Then that old saying kicked in 'what a difference a day makes' because as you will see from the photograph, it started to snow and to snow and to snow. In fact the next morning on the way to the slopes, it was still snowing. Then around lunchtime, it stopped snowing and the famous Font Romeu sun came out. The rest as they say is history and we had 3 days of fresh snow and glorious sunshine, what we would call a happy ending. Sorry about all the cliché's.

For more details, photographs and information on Skiing in Font Romeu you can have a look at my lens on the trip via this link. Lots of information on the resort, the restaurants and the skiing which hopefully will be helpful to anyone planning a similar trip.

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