Sunday, 31 October 2010

Pictures of France

A Quintessential Image of France
Anyone into photography or who just likes to look at photographs may enjoy this photographic record called 'Pictures of France' which has been compiled after my travels mainly in the South of France.

There are none of Paris as yet which is a shame because a lot of people like to look at photographs of France's capital city. But I am hoping that when you take a look at the photographs compiled here at Pictures of France you will agree that France has much more to offer than can only be found in its capital.

I have included a few tasters here for you, starting with the sunflower field we have in front of Le Moulin every other year, but for the full compliment you know where you need to go.

These are a few of the nosey neighbours, they are probably thinking how can we get to that apple tree again. They had a very nice treat when they went walkies in the orchard earlier this year.

This can be a bit of surprise, yes we do get snow in the winter here in the South of France and it can actually be quite magical. Anyone who has stayed might recognise the steps up to the outdoor drying area, otherwise known as the washing line.

They like a good party in Carcassonne at Christmas and New Year. This was their equivalent of the London Eye a little while ago. They also had an ice rink in the Place Carnot and a pretty spectacular lightshow at Gambetta Square. Not forgetting the fair in front of the railway station.

Anyway I hope you get a chance to go and take a look at the full set and don't forget to leave a comment letting us know you visited. Photos of France

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