Sunday, 20 June 2010

Perpignan France Tourism Information

Perpignan France Tourism Information

Look carefully and you can just see the Pyrenees peeping over the tops of the trees forming a fabulous backdrop for this delightful city in the South of France.

A day trip to the coast turned into a bit of a tour around Perpignan on route.

When we discovered Perpignan we wished we had had the whole day to peruse its offerings. There were street side cafes, museums, fortifications, waterways, and glorious fountains. That was just walking from the car park to the tourist information office. As you can see from the photograph the weather was pretty glorious to, even though it was still fairly early on in the year; given away by the sparse covering of leaves on the trees.

You can find out more about Perpignan and what it has to offer via my latest hub using the link above. I think you will find that it is worth a visit.

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