Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Holiday Destinations - Narbonne France

Holiday Destinations - Narbonne France:

In front of the Hotel de Ville you can find a small portion of the Roman road called the Via Domitia. This was the first Roman road built in Gaul and when originally constructed it was 500km long and connected the French Alps to the French Pyrenees.

It was only discovered in 1997 when there were building works going on to re-organise the Hotel de Ville. It is now a main feature of the square and if you ever get to see it, and you look quite closely, you can see the ruts that have been scored into the lime flagstones over the years.

It is one of many places of interest in Narbonne and you can visit my hub via the link above to find out a little more about what Narbonne has to offer. Like Le Canal de la Robine which is featured in the photograph, the Halles de Narbonne and much more.


  1. Hi Brian and Angela,
    I really like your blog. Lots of useful info - really helpful stuff. Thanks for the hard work you've put in.
    (I think we met you at Steph and Jules house),

  2. Hi Lesley, yes we did meet, we remember you were offering art courses and accommodation at your lovely property.

    Thanks for getting in touch and your kind comments.


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