Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Web Design in Aude, Languedoc Roussillon

Life has been extraordinarily busy here in the Aude. There have been many changes afoot and for once I am not talking about the weather. No this time I am referring to my alter existence as a website designer.

Living in France can require one to adopt a very modern approach to working, especially if you want to survive the economic ups and downs and financial shenanigans imposed upon us by those greater mortals that run our countries and financial systems.

God bless their cotton socks.

If you read the latest information on business models particularly when they refer to the process of innovation, you will find that the modern workforce needs to be flexible, multi-skilled, good at communicating and prepared to adapt to the needs of the market place.

Innovation by the way doesn't just mean coming up with a good idea, it actually means coming up with a good idea and taking it to commercial viability. In other words earning some money from it.

All well and good when you have a team of people working towards a common objective, but for those of you thinking of making the move to France, it more often means what you and the wife can pull out of the bag to earn a crust.

Still that is half the fun and enjoyment, and when you actually start to see a bit of progress it can be very gratifying. For me it is getting my web design business organised so that I can offer a professional service and quality solutions to those that are interested in establishing an online presence.

That is why I am very pleased to say that through Moulin Website Design I can now offer a design service that will not only provide a very nice website, but one that can also have it's domain name registered in the UK or France according to preference and be hosted through our own hosting service. A complete package that takes the stress out of organising the different aspects of the development.

More and more businesses are recognising the need for an Internet presence, and actually it is exactly at times like this, when competition is fierce and customers can be hard to find, that a new marketing approach is often required.

Our business is aimed at small businesses or sole traders like ourselves and we aim to provide an affordable solution that maintains a level of quality that should be expected from any service provider. That is because if we were looking to work with someone on a project, then that is what we would expect.

So Life in the France Lane is moving on at a pace and if you are interested in sorting out a nice website for your business, then take a look at ours and see if you think we could provide what you are looking for.

Merci Beaucoup

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