Sunday, 21 March 2010

Printemps en France

It's official, the 21st March is springtime here in France. I didn't realise until I was chatting to my neighbour the other day and he actually told me which day it was.

Everything is really starting to grow now so we spent a day in the garden to get all the plant life under some sort of control.

It's very gratifying when you finally get finished, look back at your days toils and see the difference it has made.

The raised beds have been dug over, all the grass has been cut and we made a start on weeding the flower beds. We also finally managed to get some new lavender plants in to replace the ones that have succumbed to the long hard winter. So all in all a reasonably successful day.

Not that it will last very long, based on previous experience, from now until well into June everything will continue to go bananas and grow like wildfire. Just as well I have a wife who loves to garden, gives me a bit of time spare for the computer, but I think I know who has their priorities right!!

Changing the subject slightly, it's also about this time of year that we usually see the first signs of our resident tit family starting to move into the water urn that sits above our little water lily pond, although I have to be honest I haven't actually seen them yet, so the photograph I have included is actually from last year.

I am sure they will be around somewhere though, they normally get in at least 2 broods a year and we are still mystified as to how the fledglings get out of the pot. I think we will just have to name them all Houdini. But don't worry, I'll keep you posted as to when we actually see the first signs of nesting and I'll see if I can get a photograph of the great escape.

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