Sunday, 28 March 2010

Chaîne De Tronçonneuse - Chain for Chainsaw

Really felt like I should share this little tip,  chainsaw chain is pretty expensive in France but if you use eBay you can get some great deals.

I bought  three 18" chainsaw chains or  chaîne de tronçonneuse on eBay for the same price as you would pay for one in the local bricomarche and that was including the cost of shipping from Germany to France.

So all in all, well worth the little bit of a bidding war I had to go through a few times to get the chains.

I actually think I could have got them even cheaper but forgot that when you put the price in for Euros on eBay FR, you have to use a comma not a full stop. So when I went to outbid the other buyer my price wasn't accepted and the time ran out before I realised what the problem was. So don't make that mistake.

You can access the right pages for chaîne de tronçonneuse using this link. There are a range of sizes and if you persist, you will eventually get a great deal.

So all there is to say now is, happy shopping.

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