Saturday, 7 November 2009

Reupholstery in Languedoc Roussillon

There has been a little bit of a reupholstery job going on at Le Moulin, over the past few weeks so I thought we should share the before and after with you.

Well actually I should say the after and before to be strictly and factually correct.

It was a tricky little job and certainly had our resident expert scratching her head once or twice, but as you can see the end result was fabulous and the owners were delighted with the outcome.

Unfortunately I can't claim any of the glory, it was all the work of my wife Angela.

But I did help to turn it around a few times so that easier access could be gained to the work face; there is just no end to my talent.

Well that and I provided copious amounts of moral support; although I suspect taking more turns at doing the washing up would have been more appreciated.

The chair is going to reside in the owners new home at St. Paul de Fennouillet in the Pyrenees Orientales; but actually came over from the United States of America. So it probably deserved a new coat after all that traveling.

Oh yes and I promised you a look at the 'before' as well didn't I, so here you go.

Looks even better with the matching foot stool.

I think there is going to be many an evening spent sitting and reading in this comfy chair during the winter months.

Beats one of those fold out recliners any day.

Money well spent I would say, and congratulations to Angela for a job done well.

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