Monday, 14 September 2009

French Life Summer Highlights

The summer season is drawing to a close in Languedoc Roussillon and it is time to have a little think about the best bits from this year.

Highlight number 1

I think it can be said without fear of contradiction that this summer was absolutely glorious, we did at times see temperatures touching 41C(105F), fortunately that was on the coast where you could benefit from a cooling breeze coming off the Mediterranean. Further inland temperatures maxed out at a positively balmy 36C(97F) where there was many an evening spent sitting out until midnight waiting for things to cool down for a better chance of sleep. Apologies to those in the UK that had to suffer the stereotypical British summer, but at least there was no flooding this year and I heard there were a few days of sunshine, so we haven't had it all our own way.

Highlight number 2

The odd electric storm or two, this may seem a bit of a contradiction but when you have been roasted for a couple of weeks or more then the arrival of a good storm with a downpour of rain and a spectacular lightening show came as a welcome relief, well as long as it didn't hang around too long. I think we only had about 3 of these little interludes but they were very nice when they arrived. I didn't quite manage a flash of lightening, but this is the sky lit up by the storm.

Highlight number 3

The sunflowers, this years crop in front of Le Moulin, which were pretty impressive if a little trifid like, the variety in front of the house were a good 6 feet tall and the flowers on the top were like huge saucers of sun. The flowers lasted for about 3 weeks from around the end of July through the beginning of August giving you that quintessential feeling of being in France.

Highlight number 4

La Cite Ablaze at Carcassonne castle to celebrate Bastille Day, one of the best pyrotechnic displays in the South of France which takes place on July 14th and kicks off at around 10.00p.m. Amazing fireworks that attract crowds of thousands and are almost as good as mother natures efforts.

Highlight number 5

The guests at our self catering accommodation here at Le Moulin, we have had some really nice people to stay again this year and have enjoyed both their company and their very nice comments in our guest book. Not that this means we will be getting complacent, attention to detail can make the difference to someone having a nice holiday versus someone having a great holiday. So a big thank you to the guests that have been and the ones yet to arrive.

All in all a lovely summer and we are now looking forward to the rest of the year and a few more bookings as we go into autumn. I think we need to get that log burning stove installed for some cozy evenings in.


  1. Hello,
    I suppose u injoy life in South Occitània, and North Catalonia ... so in "Castèlnau d'Ari", in occitan language.

  2. Hi thanks for visited you have beautiful photos here.. thanks for sharing...

  3. Loved this entry. Beautiful pictures too! Wonderful clarity and gives the reader a real-life sense.


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