Friday, 21 August 2009

Soft furnishings in Aude and Languedoc Roussillon

If you have been struggling to get help with your soft furnishings needs in the Aude department of Languedoc Roussillon, you may just have found the answer to your problems.

After 12 months or so sorting out our own home and setting up our gite business here in the South of France, my wife can now focus on her interior design and soft furnishing business. With over 30 years experience working for some of the top suppliers of soft furnishing to the UK market she can offer the following services here in Langudoc Roussillon for the production of: -

All types and styles of handmade curtains and soft furnishings, including curtains, roman blinds, cushions, bed valances, headboards, bed drapes, loose covers and more.

She would be very happy to provide a free quote for any project you have in mind and would love to chat to you about your interior design needs. You can call her on 04 68 60 06 17 or visit her website Curtains and Cushions to view some of her work and get in touch via her contact details on the website.

Or you can just drop me a line using the contact details on this blog

By the way if you fancy finding out how to get an authentic French look to your interior design style, I can highly recommend this great book on the subject, lots of ideas for furniture, fabrics and colour choices.

SIRET Number: 510 836 687 00010


  1. Hi Brian,
    You and your wife sound like a driven couple but you've driven too far and left us all to sink!
    Oh well just leaves me and a few other dedicated bloggers to hold up the economy over here someones got to do it lucky I enjoy rescuing things but a WHOLE country?
    Good luck adorable area you've chosen my husband Bob The Builder converted 2 props in the area for clients-free holidays for us for a while!!!

  2. Hi Susan, it did rain here today, I actually got my feet wet walking the dog, devastating :-) still the forecast is good for the rest of the week so fingers crossed.

    Nice to hear from someone in the business, hope you are doing OK, we have spoken to a few old friends from the UK who are still in interiors and they were doing reasonably well, all things considered. Hopefully it will all turn around soon and businesses can get back to normal trading.

    Well at least you have a bolthole (or 2) to enjoy. We love it here and certainly do not miss all that rain. Thanks for your comment.


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