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French Food Markets in and around Languedoc Rousillon

Revel - This food market is considered to be one of the best in France and is rated in the top 100 for the whole of the country. It takes place every Saturday morning with the food and garden products centered around the belfry in the towns main square, including, as is the tradition, hot food ready to eat such as paella, roast chicken and local dishes.

As you move further away from the square you will find plenty of other market stalls for, clothing, materials, tools and pretty much anything you might fancy. Also don't forget that all the shops are open in Revel on a Saturday morning with plenty of boulangerie's, patisserie's, cafe's and craft shops.

To top it off there is nearly always some form of live entertainment available often in the form of a jazz band, so all in all a lovely place to visit on a Saturday morning.

Fanjeaux - has its market on a Saturday morning as well if you prefer somewhere a little different with fabulous views thrown in, its a little further afield, but not that much further.

Castelnaudary - the food market in Castelnaudary in my opinion is almost if not as good as Revel's and takes place every Monday morning. Lots of fresh local produce and plenty of other items of interest as well. You could also visit the wine cave at the port alongside the Canal du Midi or visit the Charcuterie Escudier in Rue de Dunkerque where you can purchase fresh cassoulet.

Mirepoix - as an alternative to Castelnaudary you could visit the lovely little medieval city of Mirepoix for their Monday morning food and crafts market. Everyone who visits Mirepoix falls in love with it a little.

There is also an evening market occasionally on a Thursday which has been highly recommended for food market fans.

In addition to the market there are numerous cafes, restaurants and gift shops in Mirepoix and it is a regular favorite for visitors even on non market days..

Carcassonne - has markets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, being a bigger city, and they are always well attended, Carcassonne plays host to over 3 million visitors a year. For an evening venue in the summer months Limoux has an evening market on a Tuesday.

Victor Hugo Food Market - there are a number of options for visiting a food market on a Wednesday but none better than the Victor Hugo in Toulouse, which you could combine with a day out visiting the pink city.

It's not really the traditional French food market you expect being located in the basement of a multi-story car park, but there is no questioning the quality, quantity and variety of the local produce on offer and none more famous than the Toulouse sausage, a staple ingredient of Cassoulet the local dish of Castelnaudary origin.

Labastide d'Anjou -
has its market day on a Thursday and is only about 25 minutes from Le Moulin and while you are in the town you can visit the pottery workshop and pick up a traditional earthenware container for Cassoulet.

Villefranche - holds it's market day on Friday which gives you almost a complete week of market day options. A slightly further away option is Limoux which also has its market on a Friday.

Durfort - not a market but does give you an option for some Sunday entertainment, a little further on from Revel you will find lots going on with the shops opening here when everywhere else is likely to be closed. the town originally specialised in copper crafts but has expanded its repertoire to include leather craft and more in recent years. Well worth a visit.

I have concentrated on the markets and facilities close to our gite for the most part but belowI have listed market days for some of the more significant towns and cities in the region that are a little further afield from us.

Montpellier - like Toulouse market day is every day in the captial of Languedoc Roussillon it is held in Halles Paillade on avenue de Heidelberg

Narbonne - Thursday & Sunday morning plus the food hall is open all but 1 day in the year from 7.00a.m. to 1.00p.m.

Beziers - Friday morning is market day for the city and there is a covered market (Les Halles) open every morning. The main market is famous for its flowers and can be found on the Allees Paul Riquet right in the centre of town.

Limoux - Friday morning is also market day for Limoux

Lezignan-Corbieres - You will find Lezignan Corbieres market day is a Wednesday

If you have other holiday destinations that you would like included in this list then please drop me a comment and let me know, I can easily track down when the market days are on and add them to the list.


  1. Brian, this blogspot is a wonderful source of valuable information for the visitor to our beautiful part of the world down here in the Languedoc, South of France, so glad we connected !!

  2. This was so enjoyable ;-)

    It makes me want to move to France!

  3. Your post is really informative. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I like french food very much and i have tried many french recipes which i got from youtube and many other website. I like visiting French restaurants in weekend.

    1. The thing about the French food markets is that the quality of the food is very high and usually locally produced food in season. Not always of course there are some foods brought in, but even then they are always really good quality. Probably why the French food market is an integral part of French life.


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