Thursday, 23 July 2009

Travel Insurance and Swine Flu

There is an ever increasing number of confirmed Swine Flu cases around the world so it is very important to ensure you have the right travel insurance before you book your trip just in case anyone contracts the disease.

Your Questions answered by Insurance Choice:
  • Medical expenses and repatriation cover whilst overseas.
    Insurance Choice policies will cover medical costs and, should it be necessary, will get you home if you contract swine flu whilst overseas.
  • Cancellation cover if you catch swine flu before you travel.
    Insurance Choice policies will offer cancellation cover if you get swine flu before you travel and it is deemed necessary to cancel your trip.

  • Cancellation cover if the Foreign & Commonwealth Office ( FCO) suddenly advise against travel.
    If the FCO advise against travel to a specific country you were due to visit, you can make a claim for any unused travel or accommodation costs you are unable to get back from your tour operator or issuing agent.

  • Curtailment cover following a government directive recommending evacuation from a country or area.
    Insurance Choice policies will cover the cost of getting you home and reimburse any unused travel and accommodation costs if the government is recommending evacuation from the country or area where you are staying.

  • No cover for 'disinclination to travel'
    If the FCO are not advising against travel to your chosen destination, you will not be covered for cancellation if you simply choose not to travel.

  • No cover if you travel against FCO advice
    If the FCO are advising against travel to your chosen destination you will not be covered if you choose to travel.

Remember that Travel Insurance policies do not cover any individual for travel to countries which the FCO and/or WHO advises against all but essential travel. For your own safety, you should always check the status of the country to which you are travelling by visiting that country information page on the FCO website.


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