Sunday, 7 June 2009

Rennes le Chateau - South of France

Rennes le Chateau - South of France

Popped up to Rennes Le Chateau the other day and had a really nice day out.

Lunch on the side of the hill, took in some of the amazing views and had a look at the famous Mary Magdelene church and a few of the tunnels that were dug trying to get to the buried treasure.

Very nice place to spend a morning or afternoon. Read all about it on HubPages.


  1. I've been unspired by blogging lately. I decided to search out a few other living in France expat style blogs. I love your photos. Then I look in your blog roll and there I am France Tales, Thanks for the include.

    I am going to be totally redoing my blog and I'll include you in my new blog roll. If you find yourselves in Toulouse, come to our English in Toulouse group on Friday afternoons, native speakers from all over the world and French people who want to improve or maintain their English.

  2. The place sure looks nice!


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