Sunday, 7 June 2009

Interesting People

I think everyone has a secret desire to have some sort of talent that they can use, might be drawing, musical ability, writing or perhaps photography.

For me I aspire to be a good photographer or at least to be able to spot a good photograph and try to capture it. Living in the South of France has certainly helped me in that direction because there seems to be no shortage of photographic opportunities available.

So armed with a good camera and plenty of places to visit, evening walks, sunsets and full moons hiding amongst the trees, I take lots of photographs and hope that in amongst them I get a really good shot now and then.

It does work and I have to say that some of the photographs I have got since living here in France have actually turned out to be pretty good, probably more as a result of the opportunities presented that I mentioned earlier and a good camera than my technical skills, but a few good shots all the same.

So how impressed am I then when I come across someone who can capture those same opportunities by simply putting pen, pencil or paint to paper. Well I can assure you I am actually very impressed because I consider that to be a real talent.

My sister in law did the sketch of the house above which she reckons is rubbish but I think is pretty good. She is with us this week with some of her friends from Yorkshire where they all live. Billy Barden is amongst the group and I have to say there is a bit of a double wammy going on because Billy is also a very good artist and has done some great sketches and drawings some of which you can look at on his website and if you are in to unique and original art I would seriously encourage you to have a look, they really are good.

Carol, my sister in law on the other hand has her first love in Textile Art, so her and her partner have a website that illustrates the work they do, which again is all unique and original work and can be found at Textile, the name is a bit tongue in cheek but the work isn't, for anyone who knows about textile art I think you will find that they have done some seriously good work.

For me there is no chance of me being able to draw or produce artwork like either of them so I am going to stick with my trusty camera and settle for getting those few good shots now and then. Well at least I am getting a little artistic satisfaction from my efforts.

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  1. I agree with you on this note. There are different ways to show the talents and this kind of arts are certainly a special gift and not all people can have it.

    I remember when I was in rudimentary school I had shown some talents for arts like drawing but my skills had been diverted into something else. And there was a part of me that I missed it and I am not sure if I still have the talent.

    I would like to thank you visiting my site. I really appreciate it.


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