Saturday, 13 June 2009

Art classes an idea for the future

The problem with having a talented artist to stay is that if you try and take the mickey a little bit (only a little bit), before you can say Jack Robinson you end up as a caricature of a slightly overweight bloke with mad hair sitting on a PC blogging.

Now before you say that's not a caricature it's a still life and what do you mean slightly, just remember I am moderating my comments and nothing gets in my blog without my approval.

Well the truth is we had a great week here at Le Moulin and thoroughly enjoyed the company.

We also had a few discussions about how nice it would be to run an art course here using the facilities and natural beauty of the region as a backdrop and it turns out that Billy, the orchestrator of the caricature and the water colour sketch below, is very interested in running a few art courses here at Le Moulin.

As a result we are now seriously looking into setting aside a few weeks a year where we will let 4 rooms in the gite for up to 8 people that may like to benefit from some close up instruction from a very talented artist.

The intention is that Billy will provide some tuition on basic sketching and painting with water colours. The course would run over 5 days from Monday to Friday, arriving and departing on Saturday and leaving Sunday for you to find your feet and have a look around the area a little.

The details of the course, costs hours per day and perhaps a day out excursion are yet to be finalized, but if you are interested in attending a course of this type and would like to be considered then please leave a comment or get in touch to discuss.

You can of course contact me through the main website French Holidays Aude using the contact us page.

So if you like the idea of learning how you can put together a few sketches like the one shown here then just drop me a note.

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  1. Hi, I personally run a summer art holiday course where I teach drawing, painting and watercolor, and try to have people learning how to draw, so if you need any advice, maybe I help out !
    Here is my website :




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