Sunday, 24 May 2009

The season to be merry isn't always Christmas

We are well into the holiday season now, the pool is open and the first guests have had their swim and no it wasn't the ducks, although they thought about it.

The sun is shining, well most of the time anyway, and I think this is the time to be merry. My personal feeling is that I really like the late spring and early autumn times of year. Temperatures are typically around 70F to 75F, there is a pretty good to very good chance you are going to get some really nice sunny days and it really is a cost effective time to take a holiday.

Now I realise that coming from soggy Britain that there are a lot of people who are really hankering after some lovely hot sunshine and who just want to laze by the pool or sit by the pond and listen to the water fountain. So for them then June through September is pretty much going to give them exactly what they want and we are very happy to be able to provide that facility.

But this post is for the people who like to perhaps have a more active holiday or want the best photographic opportunities and go exploring a bit as well, not forgetting cycling as a very good mode of transport for perhaps sightseeing down the Canal du Midi.

So for those people you have to be considering the early or late parts of the season. We walk our dog every day now and are discovering more and more great places to walk in the area, most of which we can do without going near a car. But I have to say I actually prefer to do those walks when it is a little bit cooler, might be down to my age these day though, and as we get more into the summer the walks are getting pushed further into the evening in pursuit of the cooler temperatures.

So if you are like me, you will definitely prefer May/June and September/October as your choice for taking a holiday.

My second reason for promoting these months is due to our glorious matriarch 'Mother Nature' in the spring you have all the new growth and the vivid colours that come with it, everything is so green and the flowers are in full bloom. Much the same as the autumn but for the opposite reason, everything is changing as she prepares for the winter months, but the colours are just as spectacular. For a photographer this really is the season to be merry because apart from the landscapes there is also the amazing light show we call the sky, I have never seen so many different backdrops as I have here in the South of France, truly amazing. Take a look at Photographers Corner for a few examples of what I am talking about and if you fancy a holiday in these months, well you will have to be quick for Spring or maybe even too late, but there are some weeks available still at the end of September or in October.

Worth a look because there really are a myriad of activities available here in the South of France, I have named a few and there are others that spring to mind like horse riding, white water rafting and windsurfing but there are still loads of other activities I haven't even touched on.

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  1. If Christmas is the only time to be merry, many people here would not be merry their whole life. Not everyone celebrate Christmas. There are some other festivals.


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