Saturday, 16 May 2009

France Financial Upgrade Completed

In my other life as a website designer I have just completed the upgrade and release of the France Financial website.

I did post the fact on my other blog for Moulin Website Designs but that was to advertise the fact that I had completed the website design and was now looking for more work.

The reason I am posting it here as well is because the website has some great advice for anyone looking to move to France on a permanent basis and fits well into my category of 'How to' advice for France. Lots of good information on French Tax, inheritance advice, life assurance, health insurance and much more. So if you need a free no obligation consultation or you are just interested in what the site has to say then go have a look, there is nothing to loose.You can access it by clicking on the banner above.

Oh and if you are looking for a re-vamp of an existing website or a completely new website then have a look at my other blog and give me a shout.

Moulin Website Design

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