Sunday, 26 April 2009

Spring is nearly over here comes the summer

I hope you don't think I am one of those British stereotypes that do nothing but talk about the weather.

Although actually, I am one of those British stereotypes that is always talking about the weather, so I suppose I have to forgive you if you have got that impression and guess what, here I go again.

Back in March when the temperatures were touching 25C and we were being bathed in glorious sunshine, I really thought that summer had come early and that we were set for the rest of the year. Unfortunately it was not to be and we have, over the last few weeks, had a reversion to what my French neighbour referred to as home from home for us, meaning of course typical British weather consisting of wind, rain and temperatures ranging from 10C to 15C on a good day. Also being a former water mill you can guess we have had to keep a close eye on the stream as it nears the top of it's banks, fingers crossed though, not over the top as yet.

The forecast is saying we are probably going to have this weather for another 6 or 7 days and then things are going to start to turn towards the weather considered to be more typical for the region, which is great as we will be into May and the start of the busy season for the gite.

Anyone booked in for the early part of May shouldn't dismay though because when that Mediterranean sun comes out, one thing for sure is that it is a mighty powerful heater and everything will very quickly dry out and return to a scenario more associated with the South of France than the English Midlands. Got to be honest it has been a bit of a contrast to April last year which we remember as being warm and sunny with nature going bananas in terms of everything growing like wildfire.

The local farmer has had to keep a low profile as well, the fields surrounding the gite have all been prepared but as yet nothing planted, I have not had a chance to talk to him about planned crops but given the timing I am pretty sure that he is gearing up for Turnesols (sunflowers) which if anything like the year before last will be absolutely fabulous. It has to be said with acre after acre filled with thousands of miniature golden suns it is hard to imagine a nicer place to be in the world than right here.

Of course we need the rain, last year there was much talk of drought and water rationing after such a dry spring, but I think we have had enough now and I am truly looking forward to that sun coming out and the plants going in just in time for the big start to the holiday season. So roll on the summer we are ready and waiting.


  1. I have been in German for 6 months and Vietnam for 2 tours: 68-70, and loved both places. Now I live in beautiful Wisconsin in the country side. But I just want to get your personal opinion about all the radical Muslims in the Paris, etc, ghettos, please. Would you feel safe walking there at
    I a a retired Chrysler worker after 30.5 years and a disabled Veteran and I write a: "Tom's Journal."

    Tom Schuckman

  2. We are quite a long way from Paris as we are in the South of France just south of Toulouse. That makes it difficult to answer your question based on first hand experience, but what I would say is that as long as you are sensible and treat any big city with a little respect you should be fine.

    I have never felt threatened here in France in any of the cities but then I don't court trouble, I visit the places that the general public visit and tend to stay away from areas where, lets say, emotions may run high. For me that is the same anywhere I go, for instance I used to visit Houston quite a lot and never had any trouble but I wouldn't go to the problem areas, just can't see the point of looking for trouble.


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