Monday, 20 April 2009

A Holiday in France

A Holiday in France

Let's face it, every cloud has a silver lining and with the words credit crunch, recession and financial hardship on everyone's mind, has there ever been a better time to plan a holiday in Europe. Uh!!!!

Well OK that may seem a bit contradictory but if you look at the exchange rate, compared to this time last year, the dollar is worth way more Euro's and definitely way more Pounds so if you are American read on, this one is dedicated to you.

This is a Squidoo lens I have written for any Americans looking to holiday in Europe, but still good information on the house and location so well worth a read wherever you are.

Skyscanner offer the best service for flights to this region and list all the budget airlines flights and prices. Once you have selected your required options you get re-directed to the airline to make your booking. This is the service I used to get a 15 euro return flight between the UK and France and that was the total cost.

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