Saturday, 17 January 2009

Registering a Car in France

Car Registration in France

This is the 4th lens in a series of lenses produced to help people in the process of moving to France.

Registering a car in France is generally considered to be quite difficult, but if you have a relatively new car for which you can obtain a European certificate of conformity and you have owned it for more than 6 months then it is actually relatively straight forward.

Once you know what documentation you need and where to get it, registration becomes a half hour visit to the prefecture.


  1. I haven't seen one of Renault cars in a while so this photo brings a smile to my face...

  2. I just heard that in England their license plate numbers denote the year the car was made. Does France use that system when they give you a plate?

  3. Hi Karen,

    No France does not use the number plate to indicate age of the car, but until this year the last 2 digits indicated the department the car was registered. That's all changing now and from 2009 they are going to adopt the same standard as the Italians use. You can read all about it on


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