Friday, 17 October 2008

A Day Out in Toulouse City - The Cite d'Espace

Sorry guys nearly forgot to blog our day out in Toulouse, but still better late than never eh!!.

It was a really nice day out, we did it on a budget so took our sarnies to Place Wilson and found a bench in the sun.

A little French lady sat down next to me because she wanted a bit of sun as well and the next thing you know we are having a conversation in French in between bites of my ham and tomato roll and salted crisps.

It turned out that she knew our little village and the next village along, she lived in Toulouse and wanted to know how we earned our money in France. All done without a single word of English, things are looking up, I might be able to claim I have schoolboy French soon.

Anyway she pointed us towards the Victor Hugo food market (after I asked her where it was of course, she wasn't trying to get rid of me) and went on her way. We were left with a warm fuzzy feeling that we had integrated a little bit into French society, well from little acorns mighty oaks do grow as they say.

Enjoy your day out in Toulouse, its a great place to visit for real as well.

A Day Out in Toulouse City - The Cite d'Espace

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