Thursday, 4 September 2008

Where have you been

Check out my lens

I have been a bit busy sorting out the 4 th in the series of destination France lenses on Squidoo, but if you are interested you can take a look at the latest in the series by clicking on the banner above.

That's not all I have been doing though, I have been busy working out how to put RSS feeds into my websites, how to get lots of reciprocal links and SEO generally. All takes time you know.

Been finding out some pretty cool stuff as well, I guess I am getting close to the time where I am going to have to put all this information together and share it with y'all (that's Texan, I know it's rubbish, won't do it again, promise)

Can't do that just yet though because I need to make sure everything I am doing works, for example if you use java script for your RSS feed the search engines ignore it, apparently it has to be done with php code to be any good for SEO.

Anyway I am going to test it all on my main website French Holidays Aude and my wifes new website Curtains and Cushions i.e. by putting all this good stuff into practice and getting right up there in Google.

Well I guess there are a few people out there who will know what I am talking about, and that is only one subject of many.

Must be doing something right though because if you type 'moving to france squidoo' I am right up there at number one, just need to be able to do that without the squidoo part of the search term. Its the same deal for buying a house in France.

Oh the other thing I need to share is that I am now an affiliate for the British Heart Foundation and as a result I am morally obliged to push you towards making a donation. You can do that by clicking on the banner below

or visiting my lens at

Check out my lens

Well I guess you have had enough of me for now, so I will get on with something else, go check out those links instead and make yourself feel better by giving a donation to charity.

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