Saturday, 23 August 2008

Doing my bit for charity

It's Saturday today so I have decided rather than working just for myself trying to get people to buy into my affiliate marketing promotions, which lets face it is what I normally do, I have decided to write whats called a lens for charity on Squidoo.

Squidoo is very similar to blogger in that you can produce mini websites for free and earn money through Adsense, Amazon or by putting your affiliate links onto the site.

With Squidoo they give you the option of putting all proceeds from a particular blog towards a charity of choice. I really liked that especially since I moved to France and could no longer make contributions from my corporate salary to my favorite charities, well I still do but its very modest and not as much as I would like to give.

Anyway the reason I like to give to this particular charity CLIC Sargent is because we once had first hand experience of what it is like to have a serious illness in the family with one of our grandchildren. I can assure you there is nothing worse than seeing a child seriously ill, well not in my opinion anyway.

You can see my lens at Raising Funds for CLIC Sargent
so take a look and see what I have said and see if you fancy making a purchase for charity or even better make a direct donation, especially a regular payment. You can be sure of one thing any donation will be put to good use and will help people when they really need it.

That said on Monday I will be back on the internet marketing trail and will be working on the next post for buying a house in France, this is going to be the legal process that you have to get through. Hopefully it will be interesting and helpful reading.

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