Sunday, 17 August 2008

Booking Heaven

Just a very quick note today, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Well I was resting then I got a phonecall from someone who said they would like to book the gite So I said OK when would you like to come and the answer was August 2009. So here we are in our first season already taking bookings for 2009.

Got to say it is quite nice to get a booking for next year already and makes you think must be doing something right. Still I am not getting too cocky it was for August and we all know that is the easiest month to get rented out. What we really need to see are bookings for April, May and June so early days at the moment.

Anyway on another subject, I think it is about time I wrote something that might be useful for someone to read, rather than the inane babbling I have done so far. So it is watch this space, next week I should finish and take live my wifes website for soft furnishings and then I should have a bit of time to give some information on how we moved to France

  • how did we choose the area we live in
  • how did we find our house
  • what you do when you find a house
  • the move over
  • registering the business
  • registering the car
  • etc. etc.
You never know if someone out there is looking to do the same thing they might just benefit from knowing how we did it. So keep watching and I will try and put some info together soon.

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