Sunday, 31 August 2008

Another Charitable Excursion

Its Sunday again so rather than the normal internet marketing campaign I have produced another charitable lens on Squidoo.

You may have seen my lens for CLIC Sargent last week aimed at raising funds for my favorite charity.

Well this week I have done another one for the British Heart Foundation which will hopefully make lots of money and get people thinking about just how many of us have known people who have suffered a heart attack.

I personally have seen my father killed by a heart attack and had a serious fright when one of our other close relatives also suffered a sudden and unexpected heart attack recently. He very thankfully survived, had some very modern and up to date surgery and is feeling better than he has for a long time.

Thats the thing about your heart, a slow deterioration can suddenly turn into a very serious life threatening situation, but thanks to the research and development of new treatments sponsored by the likes of the BHF once discovered the whole situation can be turned around.

Why don't you have a look at the lens and see what you think, you may even fancy putting a pound or two in their direction to help with all the good work they do.

Anyway I will be back to the internet marketing trail again very soon so watch this space.

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