Monday, 13 September 2010

Montsegur In France

Well do you fancy making an assault on Montsegur, looks easy enough really. I suppose if someone is throwing boiling oil on your head it might make it a bit trickier.

We took a drive up to the fortress this week and visited a few places on route like Mirepoix, a firm favourite with British tourists, Chalabre, Puivert and the Fontestorbes fountain.

You can find out all about it on the lens I have written describing the day using the link above. There is also an account of some of the history and intrigue surrounding Montsegur, the last significant bastion of the Cathars which fell during the Albigensian crusade led by Simon De Montfort in 1244. There was talk of significant treasures being smuggled out during the siege at that time and it is rumoured but never proven that it may actually have been the Holy Grail itself.

The history of this whole region is fascinating and none more so than the Cathar fortresses and Montsegur in particular. But putting that aside some of the scenery up there in the Pyrenees is absolutely gorgeous and there are plenty of photographs on the lens to prove it.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

They Have Posh Bees in France

This is a superfast post, I just wanted to share these photographs of the posh bees we get in the garden.

They are attracted to the buddleia like the needle of a compass to the north pole. But they are much more interesting to watch, especially when they start fighting for pole position with the butterflys.

Life in France eh!, exciting or what.You probably think I am a bit sad, but honestly it holds my attention longer than F1. Although Lewis Hamilton getting top spot again is starting to generate a little bit of interest.

Don't forget you can click on the images for a much bigger picture if you want to. Well I thought it was interesting, and it is my blog :-) and actually I think they are probably moths but posh bees sounded better for a title.

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