Thursday, 29 April 2010

Give Me 5 Minutes and I’ll Give You the Mediterranean Diet

Today we have a guest post from Eva Alexandra who is discussing the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and how it can help you in leading a healthy lifestyle.

a) Can people still enjoy weight loss and effective weight management even if Mediterranean diet is high in fat?

While the Mediterranean diet is high in fat, it is high in the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated healthy fats, in contrast to diets rich in saturated fat. It is not the fat content that will determine weight loss on the Mediterranean diet. People who wish to eat the Mediterranean diet may experience other health benefits but still not lose weight if they do not lower their caloric intake.

b) Is there a major difference between Mediterranean diet and American diet?

Americans consume high numbers of red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy, while the Mediterranean includes very little. The diet also differs from the typical American diet through its dependence on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, olive oil, beans, breads, cereals, and potatoes.

c) Is it true that Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of heart disease?

Diet is a major factor in lowering the incidences of heart disease in the Mediterranean region. This has been proven by research and studies conducted by health and diet experts. Another big factor is the holistic approach of the Mediterranean diet. This diet does not only focus on foods but on maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well.

d) Is exercise still required if one is following a Mediterranean diet?

Exercise is always essential no matter what type of diet you follow. The best thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it encourages daily regular exercises as part of the holistic approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. When this type of diet was introduced in the sixties, exercise and physical activities were already part of the culture of the Mediterranean people. For your minimum exercise needs, you have to take a daily one-hour walk and weekly full body exercise.

e) Is Mediterranean diet different from Low Carb diet?

Mediterranean diet is substantially different from Low Carb diet. For one thing, the Mediterranean program has lower protein component. You will only get 15 percent calories from the protein of Mediterranean diet.

f) People noticed that wine is an important part of Mediterranean diet. What is the recommended daily wine consumption?

Men should generally get 5 percent calories from wine while women should consume 2.5 percent calories. As a rule, always drink wine in low to moderate amounts daily to enjoy best results.

g) Final words

The Mediterranean lifestyle is most effective when including a range of root vegetables, foods high in omega-3 acids, and vegetable oils such as flaxseed or canola. Along with fruits, breads, and cereals, these foods may lower your risk for cardiovascular disease.

About the Author - Eva Alexander writes for traditional mediterranean diet , her personal hobby blog focused on tips to eat healthy on the Mediterranean way.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

World Cup Madness Will Soon Be Upon Us

The football world cup will be running from the 11th June 2010 through to the 11 July 2010. But have no fear, Le Moulin has organised some live TV for the gite. So if you want to book your holiday in France and still watch the world cup you can.

The 2 weeks from the 12th to the 22nd of June are still available and are now on offer at a specially reduced rate of £650 (was £850). So now you can save £200 a week and watch the World Cup, it doesn't get better than that.

Well I suppose watching it live might be considered better by some so if you want to do that and need to get your flights booked Skyscanner might be able to help you find the best deals. I personally think that a fortnight in France and watching it on the telly is a better option, but then I was always a rugby man really.

Contact if you want to book the gite and watch your football in peace with a glass of vin rouge or a cold beer.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Help for British nationals stranded abroad

For information and advice on what to do if you are stranded as a result of the canceled flights and disruption caused by the volcanic ash problem coming from Iceland you can visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office official website.

There is information on the situation at the ferry ports, what you should do if you have travel insurance, what the health implications are and any issues that need to be dealt with regarding visas.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Property for Sale - Languedoc Roussillon

If you are interested in buying a property in or around the Languedoc Roussillon region of Southern France you can find a selection of properties available under the 'property for sale' category. Please contact the owners directly for more information and to verify the accuracy of the details provided.

South of France, C├ębazan 34360 House for sale. Price 435.000€
A very light and spacious, architect designed villa with reversible air-conditioning. Built in 2005 and located on a quite road which is part of the village but not on an estate. The plot is 2000m2 and there is sufficient space to construct another property.

On the ground floor: Large lounge/diner, built-in wood burning fire. Fully equipped kitchen 25m2 with built in appliances. Double bedroom with ensuite shower room. Office / 5th bedroom. Separate WC, utility rooms. Large double garage.
On the 1st floor: 3 double bedrooms. Shower room. Bathroom with separate shower
Outside: South facing. Covered terrace, plus large area of terracing around the pool 10m x 5m. Large Barbeque.
Nearest towns: St Chinian 5 mins, Beziers 25mins, Narbonne 30mins
Airports: Beziers 45mins, Carcassonne 60mins, Perpignan 75mins , Montpellier 75mins

 Contact or 0033 (0)4 67 24 14 65

South of France, Valras Plage Apartment for Sale. Price 95 000€.
A one bedroom, furnished, apartment on the 1st floor ideal for living in, holidays or long term rental if purchasing as an investment. Entrance to the apartment is independent. South facing, about 300m from the beach and a little further to the town, but easy walking distance.

Located in Valras Plage (Languedoc Roussillon), which is well placed for flights from the UK to Beziers, Montpellier and Carcassonne.

Valras Plage has plenty to offer all the year round. Long sandy beaches, shops, restaurants, market, cinema, tennis courts, and more. In summer there are many free and excellent events.

Contact or 0033 (0)4 67 24 14 65

If you would like to add your property to this site please contact to find out how. 

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gruissan, Aude in the South of France

Gruissan in the South of France is a lovely little seaside resort that has a new town with marina, a large sandy beach at Gruissan Plage and an old castle that sits on the coast next to the historic, circular fortified town. During the Middle Ages much of the maritime traffic heading to Narbonne passed through Gruissan Lake and the castle was strategically placed alongside the terrestrial route that connects Narbonne to the coast overlooking the lake.

You can click on the image of the map to get a larger image so that you can see the detail more clearly.

The castle is believed to have been sited there around about the Xth century and by the XIIIth century the town had grown around it concentrically to the east. An urban enclosure was built around the whole town  in the XIVth century during the Hundred Years War when the area was thought to be under threat from both the English and the Great Companies ( a group of mercenaries as described below).

The Hundred Years War saw periods of conflict punctuated with truces between the kingdoms of France and England from 1137 to 1453. The motive behind it being a fight for the control of the territories that make up the western side of present day France.

The Great Companies were groups of mercenaries hired for the military campaign by the princes. But when they were demobilised they continued to pillage and destroy for their own benefit.

The tower itself appears to have been named after 'Red Beard' a local pirate whose actual name was 'Barberoussette' but who was renamed 'Barberousse' in reference to the famous XVIth century Turkish pirate after he was given command of a small coastal fort located 10km south of Gruissan.

This is the view of the town today taken from the tower looking towards the Mediterranean.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Gite in France with a Pool - Availability and Special Offers

A new availability chart has been added to the prices section of the main website here at Prices and Availability. So now when you are checking out the prices you can see immediately what weeks are available for our gite in France and, even better, if there are any special offers.

Right now there are some special offers, because for late bookers the first 3 weeks in May are now being offered at April prices. Obviously this is not in the too distant future, so if you are interested drop us a line on and let us know which weeks you are interested in.

If May is too soon for you then it is probably worth noting that we have some weeks left in June as well. The dates free at the time of writing are from the 5th June to the 26th June.

After that we are booked right through to September, so take the chance while you can and if you need a little bit of persuasion then take a look at Cap D'Agde on the Mediterranean coast, which is just about 1 1/2 hours away and a great venue for a day trip. We went at the beginning of the week and I really wished I hadn't forgotten the sun tan lotion.

What more photos, oh go on then, this is the marina as well, it was enormous, with cafes restaurants and more yachts than you could shake a stick at.

For even more information you can visit my hub at Cap d'Agde Photos.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Road Trip Destinations - France

We recently went out for a quick business trip in the Corbieres region which is south of Carcassonne heading towards Narbonne and on the way we discovered this fabulous route which was perfect for motoring in France.

Actually it would also have been pretty perfect as a cycling route. The scenery was lovely and the roads were just great, very quiet and running right through the center of the Corbieres wine producing region.

I have written a more detailed account of the trip on HubPages which you can find via this link Road Trip Destinations - France

So if you have a few minutes to spare go and have a read.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Never a Better Time for an Activity Holiday in France

Spring is well and truly here, the plum blossom is pretty amazing and the temperatures are rising nicely. This is just about the perfect time of the year for an activity holiday in France.

We had some friends to stay just recently and we got to talking about cycling holidays in France. Come to think of it, walking and running holidays in France as well.

They were of the opinion that this is the perfect location for someone looking to enjoy any of these activities from a single base. The reason was pretty straight forward and it was down to the fact that we have some lovely rolling hills, not unlike the English Cotswolds, loads of woodland walks and some pretty nice scenery with viewpoints all around that make your exertions worthwhile.

When we moved here it was partly to do with the fact that the location offered what we thought was a mixture of the Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean. Both are places we loved in the UK and where we have lived previously. They are also pretty sought after for hiking and cycling holidays if France is thought to be a little far afield for you. Weather permitting of course.

Now would be a great time to consider a spring break in the South of France, especially as we have just dropped our prices and are now offering the first 3 weeks in May at April prices.

Finding a cheap flight shouldn't be too difficult at this time of year either. I remember going back to the UK for €15 all in (yes that was a return flight) at the beginning of May last year, so definitely deals to be done early season.

All I have to say is,  before writing France off as too expensive, take a look into what it might actually cost, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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