Friday, 26 March 2010

Apply for a European Health Insurance Card

If you are a UK resident, make sure you don't miss out on the availability of either reduced cost medical treatment or very often free medical treatment, should it become necessary,when visiting another EU (European Union) country.

To qualify for the treatment you need to apply for a European Health Insurance Card and make sure you take it with you when you travel. Not all UK residents are covered in all countries, but you can find out the details and apply online here European Health Insurance Card.

It would be crazy not to take advantage of this free option and it is very easy to apply on line, although you can also apply via the Post Office or by telephoning the number on the website.

The EHIC replaces the old E111 health cover and is free of charge. It is recommended that  even if you have a EHIC card that you still take out travel insurance so that you have peace of mind that you are completely covered for all eventualities. Insurance choice is a great option and will also cover pre-existing medical conditions.

You can find further travel advice information and help on the Travel Advice France page of the main website including a travel check list and lots of information for finding the best flights, airport parking, car hire and ferry crossings.

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